中英對照 – 擺脫憂鬱星期一,25 個讓心情變好的方法!

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每到了星期一,是不是常常因為上班日而感到憂鬱呢?亦或者是受到天氣的影響而悶悶不樂?為此 CNN 幫大家整理出了有科學根據的 25 個讓心情變好的方法,小編自己也很需要!快跟著 WORD UP 一起看下去吧!


Some people just ooze happiness: They always seem to be smiling and having fun, and let negative emotions and experiences roll off their backs. But if you think there’s no way you could possibly ever be that way, you’re wrong. Science proves that you do have the power to change your outlook on life. And it isn’t hard, either: Most of the tips that follow are as simple as cracking a smile once in a while (yes, that’s one of the tips). Here’s to a happier you!


幸福法則 ① Exercise 運動

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Getting your blood pumping releases endorphins throughout your whole body, creating feelings of happiness that combat a bad mood. Studies have even shown that exercise can help alleviate symptoms of depression. Any physical activity counts—running, indoor cycling, yoga, dancing—as long as you break a sweat. Even a brisk 20- to 30-minute walk will help.

透過運動,血液的流動增加。 會釋放腦內啡到全身,從而產生可以與不良情緒拮抗的幸福感。研究甚至表明,運動可以幫助緩解抑鬱症的症狀。只要有流汗就好,任何體育活動都可以,像是:跑步、飛輪、自行車、瑜伽,或跳舞。就算只有步行20到30分鐘也可以。

幸福法則 ② Flow through some yoga 執行瑜珈運動

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When you start to see red, you might want to take a moment and flow through a sun salutation or two. Yoga can help ease depressive symptoms as well as anxiety, allowing you to slow down and focus on your breathing rather than your worries, frustrations, and problems. Try this calming yoga sequence from Kristin McGee, Health’s contributing fitness editor.

當你開始趕到憤怒,你可能可以花一點時間來執行瑜珈的動作 – 拜日式。因為瑜伽可以幫助緩解抑鬱症狀和焦慮症,使您放慢腳步,專注於呼吸,而不是擔心、沮喪,或在意其他問題。可以嘗試從CNN Health的健身編輯 Kristin McGee 那裡獲得放鬆瑜伽的順序。

幸福法則 ③ Load up on leafy greens 食入大量的綠色蔬菜

Dark, leafy greens such as spinach and kale are rich in folate, providing 33% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA). This nutrient is linked to a decrease in negative moods and depression because it helps produce dopamine in the brain. One 2012 study found that middle-aged people who consumed the most folate had a lower risk of depression symptoms than those who ate the least.

深色葉菜類蔬菜(例如菠菜和羽衣甘藍)富含葉酸,可以提供每日攝入葉酸建議量的 33%。這種營養物質與情緒低落和抑鬱的減少有關,因為它有助於在大腦中產生多巴胺。 2012年的一項研究發現,攝入葉酸最多的中年人患抑鬱症的風險要比吃得最少的中年人低。

幸福法則 ④ Try cognitive behavioral therapy 嘗試認知行為療法

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a proven treatment for clinical depression and anxiety disorders, and it can also help anybody who simply needs to learn how to combat negative thoughts. CBT helps patients recognize and then reverse harmful thought patterns by testing their validity and then replacing them with positive ones, leaving them happier, healthier, and in a better mood.

認知行為療法是一種針對臨床抑鬱症和焦慮症的行之有效的療法,它還可以幫助任何只需要學習如何對抗負面思想的人。 認知行為療法可透過測試患者的想法,然後以積極的思維模式替代它們,使他們更加快樂,健康,心情愉悅,從而幫助患者認識並扭轉有害的思維模式。

幸福法則 ⑤ Buy flowers for yourself 買花給自己

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A team of Harvard researchers found that keeping fresh flowers at home does wonders in keeping away anxiety and negative moods. People in the study also felt more compassionate toward others and they felt a boost of energy and enthusiasm at work.


幸福法則 ⑥ Smile 微笑

While you may think of smiling as a reaction to feeling happy, some researchers suggest that smiling can also lead to joy. The simple act of smiling—even if you have to force it—might help to activate the happiness centers in your brain, leaving you in a better mood.


幸福法則 ⑦ Turn on a light box 打開治療用的燈箱

Light therapy is an effective treatment for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), but experts agree that it works to treat symptoms of major depressive disorder as well. Feeling blue? You can turn on a light box for 30 minutes to an hour when you’re down, but to feel its full effects, use it as part of a daily therapy routine.


幸福法則 ⑧ Open the shades 面對陽光,陰影只能在你的背後!

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If you don’t have access to a light box, the simple act of letting in some sunlight can brighten your mood. When your workspace or living area is brighter, you tend to feel happier too.


幸福法則 ⑨ Go outside 往戶外跑!

Starting to feel down? Head outside to soak up some sunshine. The human body produces vitamin D when exposed to the sun’s rays, and research suggests that people who are deficient in the vitamin are more likely to be depressed, anxious, and tired. Step into the sunshine for 20 to 25 minutes of sunlight to lighten your mood naturally.


閱讀 CNN Travel 原文:25 (scientific) happiness hacks


🌟 hack n. 好的方案;好的建議

[例句] Here are 50 life hacks that will change your life for the better.

[中譯] 這是50個會讓你人生更美好的建議。

🌟 sweat v. 流汗 / n. 汗水

[例句] The prisoners were sweating with fear.

[中譯] 囚犯們嚇得直冒汗。

🌟 frustrations n. (因不能滿足需求而)沮喪;令人沮喪的事物

[例句] This job has more than its fair share of frustrations.

[中譯] 做這份工作本不該有如此多的挫折。

🌟 allowance n. 定量;限額

[例句] The baggage/luggage allowance for most flights is 20 kilos.

[中譯] 大多數班機給乘客的行李重量限額是20公斤。

🌟 enthusiasm n. 巨大興趣;熱情;熱忱;熱心

[例句] One of the good things about teaching young children is their enthusiasm.

[中譯] 教小孩子的好處之一就是他們對甚麽都充滿了興趣。

🌟 meditation n. 默念,冥想,沉思,深思

[例句] Let us spend a few moments in quiet meditation.

[中譯] 讓我們花片刻時間靜靜思考一下。

🌟 folate n. 葉酸

(例句來源:Cambridge Dictionary)


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